Eligibility in General

You  are  eligible  for  benefits  under  the  Northern  Illinois  and  Iowa  Laborers’  Health  and Welfare Trust Fund if:

  1. You perform work under  a  collective  bargaining  agreement or  other  written agreement that requires your employer to contribute to the Plan on your behalf; and
  2. Your employer makes the required contributions; and
  3. You have met the initial eligibility requirement.

Eligibility  for  coverage  is  offered  in  three-calendar-month  intervals,  called  eligibility  quarters, beginning on the first of one of the following dates:

  • June 1
  • September 1
  • December 1
  • March 1

Once  you  meet  your  initial eligibility requirement (described  in  the  next  section),  you  will continue to be covered for each subsequent eligibility quarter if the Fund receives the appropriate contributions on your behalf for Covered Work.

The Fund will not accept contributions from an Employer that does not have an effective labor agreement  (collective  bargaining  agreement)  with  a  participating  Union,  or  other  written agreement, that requires the payment of contributions to the Fund.  In addition, contributions will be accepted only if they are made on behalf of all of the Employees in the collective bargaining unit or other written agreement.

Participation  in  the  Plan  or  eligibility  for  benefits  is  not  a  guarantee  of  your  continuing employment.

The Plan complies with federal rules governing special enrollment.

In the event that the Fund does not receive contributions from your employer, you may submit, in writing, a request to the Board of Trustees to receive credit  for hours that you worked. The crediting  of  hours  by  the  Board  of  Trustees  shall  be  in  accordance  with  and  subject  to  the Northern  Illinois  Iowa  Laborers  Health  and  Welfare  Trust’s  Policy  and  Procedures  for  the Crediting of Hours, as amended from time to time.

Initial Eligibility Requirement

A new Employee will become initially eligible for benefits once the Plan receives at least 1,000 hours  of  contributions  on  their  behalf,  within any 12  consecutive  month period. Coverage will begin on the  first day of the 2nd month following the month in which the Employee completes such requirement.

For Example:

The  Plan  received  1,000  hours  of  credited  employment  on  John’s  behalf  for  the  work  months February through January.  He will be covered by the Plan beginning March 1st.

You should complete a “Participant’s Data Update” form when you become eligible for coverage. The  Fund  Office will  provide  you  with  this  form,  or  you  may  request  a  form  from  the  Fund Office. You should update the information on this form when:

  1. You change your address or telephone number,
  2. You marry, divorce or legally separate,
  3. Your spouse begins working, changes employers or adds or loses employer group health coverage,
  4. You add or lose Dependents, and
  5. You wish to change your beneficiary for Life Insurance Benefits.

Continued Eligibility Requirements

Once you meet the initial eligibility requirement, you will continue to be covered for subsequent eligibility  quarters  if  the  Fund  receives  250  hours  of  contributions  on  your  behalf  in  the corresponding three-month contribution period.  If  you do  not meet this requirement, the Fund will  “look  back”  to  see  if  the  Fund  received  a  specific  amount  of  contributions  in  previous contribution periods, as outlined below:



You will be eligible for coverage in:

If the Fund receives:

June, July, August

250 hours of contributions in January, February and March; or
500 hours of contributions in October through March; or
750 hours of contributions in July through March; or
1,000 hours of contributions in April through

September, October and November

250 hours of contributions in April, May and June; or
500 hours of contributions in January through June; or
750 hours of contributions in October through June; or
1,000 hours in July through June.

December, January and February

250 hours of contributions in July, August or September; or
500 hours of contributions in April through September; or
750 hours of contributions in January through September; or
1,000 hours of contributions in October through September.

March, April and May

250 hours of contributions in October, November and December; or
500 hours of contributions in July through December; or
750 hours of contributions in April through December; or
1,000 hours of contributions in January through December.

For example:
After John meets the initial eligibility requirement, the Fund receives 100 hours of contributions on his behalf in January and 70 hours in both February and March. Although the Fund only receives contributions for 240 hours of Covered Work for the current contribution period and John does not meet the minimum 250 hour requirement, he is still eligible for coverage because the Fund received 750 hours of contributions on his behalf in the 9-month period from the beginning of July until the end of March. John is covered for the upcoming June, July and August eligibility quarter.